Best Laundry Detergent For Sensitive Skin

Best Laundry Detergent For Sensitive Skin

A skin allergy can be the result of many irritants. One very common irritant is laundry detergent. The typical commercial detergent can combine a great deal of substances that are used to aid in washing your clothing. Detergent can contain a variety of compounds that can all lead to a skin allergy in any person. These compounds can include surfactants that are used to eliminate grease, abrasives used for “scouring” the fabric, a variety of components that are used to balance ingredients together, oxidizers used for removing dirt or in bleaching.

Any of these plus a variety of other ingredients that a commercial detergent can contain could result in a skin allergy of any form. A skin allergy typically looks like a rash and can surface in any area of your body. Sometimes it will be itchy, painful, and or swollen, and if the irritant is used continuously, it can result in other issues like respiratory problems. What happens is this, when you use a commercial laundry detergent, it can contain ingredients that the user is allergic to unbeknownst to them or the chemicals do not rinse completely clean during the wash, therefore can lead to a skin allergy.

Sometimes a skin allergy can develop even if the user has never had a reaction to the detergent previously, or if the detergent is changed. No two commercial detergents use the same ingredients so you could use Tide all of your life, change to ALL, and begin to experience an allergic reaction. A skin allergy can present itself in the form of a slight irritation of the skin or as a severe reaction with breathing difficulties or intense rashes. By using an alternative such as the Magnetic Laundry System, you will eliminate harsh chemicals that could cause such reactions.

Even though many commercial detergents will state they are hypoallergenic, it does not mean they are completely free from chemicals. There are some people who have found they cannot tolerate any type of chemicals at all. These people are forced to find alternatives, because ALL commercial detergents contain chemicals. Alternatives like the one mentioned above, use magnetic resources to clean your cloths without any use of harsh chemicals. Many people who suffer from a skin allergy use these types of alternatives because they are safe and effective.

Additionally, these alternatives are money saving ones as well. They are renewable, environmentally safe, and easy to use. The best of all they help those who suffer from a detergent skin allergy, in living reaction free lives. Alternatives do not contain the dyes and perfumes many commercial detergents contain.

These ingredients can prove to be extremely serious when it comes to those who have a skin allergy. Most of the times the dyes and perfumes within commercial detergents is what a person is allergic to, using an alternative will keep your clothing free of all of these chemicals. Instead of searching for a detergent, trying them out, hoping they do not cause a reaction, those who suffer from a skin allergy will enjoy the alternatives in knowing they are completely chemical free.

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